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Eleuthera 101

Up and down Eleuthera's 110 miles, there are small towns and villages every five to 10 miles. Each village has its own unique flavor and style. Most towns offer a restaurant – some have gift stores and groceries. The largest towns are the centrally located Governor's Harbour, Gregory Town in the north and Rock Sound in the south. ATMs and food stores are scattered throughout the island. High-end restaurants take credit cards, but most businesses take cash only. U.S. currency and the Bahamian Dollar are at par and both are accepted everywhere.

Founded on Faith, Freedom and Pineapples

Eleuthera is 250 miles east of Florida and 50 miles east of Nassau, it is 110 miles long and in places little more than one mile wide – approximately 8,000 people call Eleuthera home. The Lucayan Indians originally settled the island, they settled the island in search of peace – they were enslaved by the Spanish and sent to South America work the gold and silver mines. Puritans later arrived from Bermuda in 1648 in search of religious freedom.

See You at the Junkanoo (Junkanoo: a Bahamian street party, don’t miss it)

Several of the locals here are fisherman and farmers – for many years the pineapple was the island’s chief cash crop. In 1885, 92,000 dozen were shipped to the U.S. and England. The island celebrates the pineapple the first weekend in June in Gregory Town. The four-day event features local food, crafts, lots of pineapples and a Junkanoo party. For those that don’t know, a Junkanoo party is parade of dancing, drums, cowbells, whistles, horns and bright handmade costumes – it’s like Mardi Gras in the Caribbean. Locals and visitors gather in the street for drinks (no open container law), dancing, good food and lots of Bahamian fun – one of the highlights on the island.

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