Medical Care/Emergencies

Just In Case You Need Medical Treatment, Need to Call the Police or Visit a Clinic

In the unfortunate instance that you might need a doctor during your stay – please reference the information below –

  • Police/Fire: 242-332-2111 or 242-332-2117
  • Ambulance: 242-332-3178 or 242-557-7006
  • Dr. Baccus: 242-332-2902
    • A medical doctor in private practice whose wife is a dentist. Located near Quality Inn Cigatoo in Governor’s Harbour
  • Levy Clinic: 242-332-2774
    • Located in a pink building just north of Governor's Harbour. If the clinic is not open, a nurse is on call at 242-332-3400. If you can't get through, call police, and they will get another nurse on call.

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