Before Your Big Wedding Day, Get Your Closest Friends Together for a Natural Bachelor or Bachelorette Party in Eleuthera

If you’re looking for something different… something more authentic… pehaps you’re looking for a more peaceful island after days of gambling and laser lights at a nearby Caribbean Island... Eleuthera is for you.

“There’s Booze in the Blender and Soon It Will Render…”

Liquor is inexpensive in the Bahamas and generally sold by the liter, you can pick up a good bottle of rum for $8 to $10 a bottle. The duty on beer and wine is much higher and so are the prices – a case of Kalik or Sands, local beers costs approximately $50 and a bottle of wine starts at around $10.

Liquor stores in Eleuthera are open till around 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday – all liquor stores are closed on Sunday – in case of emergency… check with your nearest favorite bar… they might be able to help you out and hold you over till Monday. Check the rules for taking a few bottles of liquor back to your homeland, most countries allow you to take one or two bottles of liquor home; one must be produced in the Caribbean.

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